18 August 2016

A Change of Heart

Jane Chuck changed her blog template after a long time so, I changed mine too. LOL JK I felt like I need to up my blogging game and be more active like before so I decided to a few things on my blog. I deleted a lot of my previous posts because the photos were lost and all you can see is the ugly triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle wtf. What's worse is that I couldn't find any of the photos in my laptop or Dropbox so I had no choice but to delete my posts :( I guess I'll take it as a sign to change my entire blogging style and profile.

I have a few draft posts to be published and I'm currently doing a review about a make up product, so bear with me guys. Please tell me what you think about my new layout (I paid for this it better look good LOL) and what I can do to improve!

Til then, xx
A Change of Heart - The 1975

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