23 November 2016

The Lazy Workout for Lazy People

I am probably the last person you should trust in giving workout advices because I am the laziest and most unfit person alive. Due to that, I know just the workout for people like me, who want to get more fit and healthy but can never find the motivation to get up from the bed or sofa.

If you expect this workout to make you look like Adriana Lima or Nick Jonas in a span of one month, I suggest you to find another workout plan. This workout plan is dedicated to those who don't have much time to workout, or don't want to sacrifice 15 minutes of their time to complete a regular workout routine (read: me). Believe it or not, this workout can be done in 4 minutes and no equipments are required.

This workout plan is inspired by a workout app I got from the App Store called Quick 4. With Quick 4, you can have a full body workout done in just 4 minutes. This app is free and, after using this app for a month, I can guarantee you will have a more toned body. I bought a Punjabi suit a month before my sister's big day (my sister's wedding was Indian themed) and it was really tight around the chest area. Curse you, boobies. One month later, I lost boob fat and my Punjabi suit fit me perfectly :')

ok ah this picture doesn't do much justice, just wanted to show off my suit lmao

I admit, I have been slacking a lot after my sister's wedding because, I had no motivation and reason to lose weight anymore. I used to go on the app every day, and I didn't change my eating habit except completely cutting off soda. After that, I only used the app a few times a week, then once a week, then forgetting about the app's existence. However, I have decided (like, yesterday) to continue where I left off because being insecure about my body and not doing anything about it isn't going to make me any better!!!!!!!!

I'm going to list down a few of the workouts I do from this app, and add a few I like to do because I always replace burpees with something else. I hate burpees. Enjoy!

Let me know if this workout works for you! xx

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