31 January 2017

[REVIEW] Innisfree Soy Essence Waterproof Volume Mascara

I didn't realise my one and only mascara had expired on the 12th of January, and I've been using this until the end of this month wtf. I reckon now would be a good time to review this, since I most definitely need to get myself a new one soon.

Innisfree is undoubtedly number one in my "Korean Beauty Brands" list, for a number of reasons. One of it is due to its price; it's relatively cheaper compared to other popular brands like Etude House, and Tony Moly. Not to mention, its products are eco-friendly, made with natural ingredients, and the packaging for most, if not all, of their products, are made from recycled paper. They also use soy ink for printing! I love whatever brands that do not test on animals and contribute to the earth. 

Sometime last year, I bought the Innisfree Soy Essence Waterproof Mascara (what a mouthful) at their store in Sunway Pyramid. The store had just opened so I thought I'd see what they have. Innisfree sold two types of mascaras; volumising and curling. I bought the former because I prefer more volume than curls.

This mascara claims to give my lashes more volume, and it claims to be waterproof. It also mentions that it contains soy essence from black beans but, I don't really know what good soy essences do for my lashes hahaha. Just like the rest of Innisfree's products, it contains no harsh ingredients and it's all natural! When I saw the tube, I didn't really know if the shade was black or brown, because it wasn't stated on the mascara tube. There also wasn't any tester for me to check the colour so, I just picked it up, queued and prayed that it's black. To my relieve, it is intensely black. 

Okay, so let's get to the real review wtf

Does this mascara give more volume to my lashes? It did, but it's nothing other mascaras can't do. I mean, I didn't expect it to give me double volume or anything like that but I was kinda underwhelmed wtf *queue WDYM by JB*. Anyway, it does what it says and it gets the job done.
Is it waterproof? I can confirm that it is indeed waterproof. I've cried one too many times while having this on to know that it won't run down my face. I also went back late from clubs and slept with my makeup one one too many times to know that it stays on for hours and won't smudge (you see, this is why I can't go off on Accutane yet LMAO). I actually really like this mascara and the fact that it's so much cheaper (RM 45, but I might be wrong) compared to other popular brands makes me like it more. Besides that, I also find this mascara rather creamy (don't know if that's the right way to describe it lol) so that helps coat my lashes really well.

Me, attempting to show off my lashes wtf

Removing this off at the end of the day is easier compared to other waterproof mascaras I've tried. I'm currently using a water-based makeup remover, and it's common knowledge that removing waterproof makeup using a water-based remover is almost impossible. However, this mascara came off (albeit in clumps) really well. I've tried removing other waterproof mascaras with the same makeup remover and sometimes they don't come out at all. It will be a nightmare for me to apply mascara the next day because there's still some residue from my previous application. Ew, right!!?

I think the only issue I have with this is the wand. I personally think the wand is a bit too big for lower lashes. But IDK la maybe it might be because of my eye shape also wtf.

So the question here is,
Do I recommend it? Yes! Aside from the wand, I actually have no complaints.

Will I repurchase? Definitely, but I think I want to try a different brand for now. lol sorry ya, can't commit to anything wtf.

Overall rating: 5/5!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope I've given enough information about this mascara. Talk to you soon. Xx

UPDATE: I went to Sunway Pyramid and found out they don't sell this mascara anymore GRRRRR. >:(

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